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Pre-recorded MP3 Messages

You'll find 100s of messages and even sound effects suitable for your MP3 device or player, simply decide on your message, pick a voice you like the sound of and add it to your basket.

Whether it's a security message, business related, for your own private property, or may be you are in retail, either way we have a large collection of MP3 sound files to choose from.

You can choose different voices from female or male in English or American accents. You can choose either computer generated or actual human voices too.

Browse By Category

To help you quickly find the right message or sound you are looking for we have collected them together in to convenient categories and subcategories. Just use the menu on the left to find category of your choice.

Or you use the advanced search form to search for a word or phrase.

Available Voices

  • Angela
  • AI Female English
  • Britney
  • AI Female American
  • Charles
  • AI Male English
  • David
  • AI Male English
  • Ed
  • AI Male American
  • Frank
  • Human Male English
  • Gail
  • Human Female English

CCTV Warning Messages

Leave The Area

Stop! You are on private property: please leave the area immediately.

Alarm System Triggered!

This is private property. The alarm system has been triggered & security has been alerted of your presence.

Police Alerted

Warning! The police have been alerted & are their way.

Building is Protected

Warning! This building is protected by a 24 hour surveillance system.

24 Hour CCTV

Warning! 24 hour CCTV is in operation in this area.

Popular VoiceOFF Messages

Alarm System Triggered!

Alarm system triggered! This property is under 24 hour CCTV protection.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm Sound Effect


Welcome: please report to the reception area.

Store Closing

This store is now closing: please complete your purchases & make your way to the cashiers desk.

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